Your Website

With the fast growing use of social media throughout the world what place does the humble website have to play?

Your website is the place where you store the "master" informaton on your Club, Organisation or Business.  It enables visitors to get a indept look at what you are about and how best to contact you. Your website is also your best solution for key word matching that will draw Search Engine traffic to your Digital "Front Door".

For sports organisations the website is a great place to store your historical records / photos and data that allows you to pass on history, culture and show how you got to where you are today.  Using a well thought out Sponosrship plan you can use your website to attract and retain new sponsors.

For businesses your website is a great way to sell yourself, store the important information you want your customers to always access and of course generate new sales leads for you.

PeopleNet recommends any Digital Strategy should drive traffic from Social Media back to your website and you should think of your website as the digital anchor of your organisation.