Social Media

Social Media options are growing at a great rate of knots.  PeopleNet is always assessing what is available and looking at whether a new social media tool is worthwhile a client exploring.  The five tools we often consider for clients are as follows with a brief explanantion of why you may consider using them.

We advise all our clients that they should seriously consider using Social Media as a integral part of any Digital Marketing Strategy, however you should also consider how and when you will capture, create and release high quality content.  

Here is a snapshot of our thoughts about the current crop of Social Media tools we think are worthwhile exploring.


The king of Social Media sites in fact the one site we feel all Clients should seriously consider using. 

Currently possibly the best value tool for boosting any marketing campaign and building a fan or customer base.  

The targeting tools of Facebook enable for very budget friendly marketing projects.  Also becoming the #1 communications tool for 18-30 year old's.  However, it needs to be looked after on a daily or minimum weekly basis to gain best effect.


Myth LinkedIn is a "Recruitment Tool" only.  It is in fact a great recruitment tool in the hands of a trained and experienced user but it is also a fantastic marketing and business networking tool.  Second only to FaceBook in terms of reach this direct marketing / recruitment /sales tool has great potential to help you grow your business.  Daily usage recommended.


Great 'personal' way to stay in touch with fans and customers, luckily you can link your FaceBook and/or Linkedin profile to this account to save time when wanting to get a message out.


Making good headway around the world and there is great potential for you to really differentiate yourself on Pinterest.  They say a picture paints a thousand words and we think with the right content Pinterest could become a valuable marketing asset for you.

Youtube & Vimeo

Excellent tools if you have the ability to create high quality video content.  Once you start using it make sure you can sustain this medium or it may work against you.  Will become a major tool in the future with the cost of developing HD quality video content dropping month by month. Youtube is second only to Google in terms of sites people search with globally.

Google / Google Adwords

You should definately setup a Google account and use the map features to show people where your business is.  The registartion process is straight forward.  Google Adwords can be very effective at getting you highly ranked and seen by your potential customers especially if they are geographically based.  Google adwirds however can be very expensive and may or may not suit your business dependant on the margins you make vs the sales volumes you can create using this type of marketing.


This is media is fast replacing Facebook as the number social media platform for youth, teenagers and young adults.  It maybe well worth your while considering utilising someone ffrom this age bracket to become your Instagram marketing partner.