Digital Marketing 101

Did you know that Facebook is the number one media used by New Zealanders in the 18-45 age bracket?  That it is most likely that your website is going to be first viewed by someone from a social media link on their mobile phone?

The  information pages in this section provide a snapshot of what Digital Marketing options we think an organisation should consider.

The over riding questions we will always ask you are...

  1. Who will manage this for you?
  2. What content creation will be required? and what is the frequency plan for this content to be created?
  3. Who are you targeting in terms of your products and/or services?
  4. What are your Digital Marketing goals?
  5. What Digital Marketing platforms will you use? or maybe even create?
  6. How will you measure success? 

PeopleNet can help you design a simple yet highly effective Digital Strategy and help you get the most value out of your marketing budget and you maybe pleasantly surprised at the costs to set this all up...