PeopleNet launches Kiwi Business Network

PeopleNet has successfully launched the Kiwi Business Network. The first projects in this programme of work include Kapiti Now, Wellington Today, Auckland101, Manukau.Today and Taranaki.Today.

"The goal of this programme is to create an affordable marketing platform for all kiwi owned businesses, big and small"  Project Designer Tony Cutting says.

"As well as showing businesses how they can achieve more by working collectively both off-line and on-line, we are encouraging our business members to network, mastermind and work with each other to learn from the greater brain power created under this format" Mr Cutting adds

What the Kiwi Network does


To create New Zealand's number one Business Network and Marketing Collective where Kiwi Business owners can meet, learn, colloborate, and form strong relationships locally and/or across the country.


Each project includes a region where we are developing a strong digital marketplace for members as well as encouraging them to form partnerships and collectively market each others businesses, creating a very powerful and affordable marketing system.


  • Built a number of local networks around New Zealand which continue to grow every month.
  • Developed a unique "mastermind" group in each region we work in, that helps develop the business members marketing knowledge.
  • Built a strong social media presence in the markets we work in which provide added value and a affordable advertising platform for all members.
  • Attracted some of New Zealand's most exciting people and businesses to our membership.
  • Built a diverse group of people and businesses from many very different industries, which provides our groups with a great source of diverse knowledge to share.
  • Grown a high 'hit' regional website network that increases our members website rankings the moment they get listed on these sites.
  • Developed a truly Kiwi solution driven by Kiwi's with a genuine interest in helping and growing each others businesses.

"We are just at our beginning but the response from members who engage with the project has been overwhelming, positive and motivating.  The majority of businesse coming into the network are by referral an we like the nature of growing our business like this" Mr Cutting explains.

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